Are you a student participating in Mutant Millets in your classroom? This page has all the resources you need to successfully grow, observe and collect data on your Setaria virdis plants.

Do you want to learn more about your plants?

Your plants are important models for many plant scientists. Learn more…

Not sure what to do with your plants?

Find detailed protocols for everything from planting your seeds to watering to how to collect seeds from your mature plant here.

Have you finished collecting data on your plants?

The scientists at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center are eager to see what you learned! Enter your data here.

Do you have photos of your plants that you would like to share?

Submit them here.

Are you confused by some new terms?

Brush up on your grass vocabulary here.

Have a question? Want to learn more about plant science?

Visit the interactive scientist!

Do you need more copies of the project documents?

Find digital versions of Mutant Millets documents here.

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