Teachers are an important part of Mutant Millets!

The goals of Mutant Millets are to…

  • Bring real scientific research to science classrooms using plants.
  • Create a mutually beneficial partnership where all groups are able to learn with and from one another to advance scientific understanding of plants.
  • Demonstrate to students and teachers (that’s you!) that scientific inquiry is relevant and can be used to solve important social and environmental problems.

Scientists at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center are dedicated to improving crop science. You can help them!

  • Use Setaria to discover new, possibly useful traits.
  • Plants treated with NMU are grown & their seeds are collected. You and your students will grow these mutated seeds and try to identify and characterize new traits.
  • All results will be submitted through this website and shared with scientists. You will be notified of any important new discoveries!

Are you a teacher currently participating in Mutant Millets?

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Are you a teacher interested in participating in Mutant Millets?

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